Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, BOY!

Today, The Boy and I started out on the floor, him sitting in front of me, playing with some toy trucks. He pulled himself across my lap to go after the newspaper that I was reading. I moved the newspaper, which revealed one of the five remotes on the floor next to the chair. (Remotes in the living room: tv; cable; TiVo; PS3; PS3 controller) He went after the remote control with his usual gusto; I think that I need to get a remote control chew toy for him. But, I digress.

I moved the remote controls to the other end of the couch, which prompted him to fuss at me ("Hey, Bald Man, why the heck are you moving those things? I want them!") and spin around a couple of times as he looked for more stuff to play with. He pulled himself forward a bit, spun around and pushed himself backwards a bit, then repeated those two steps. He moved himself thusly to the other end of the couch, discovering a toy he doesn't usually play with. He played with it.

After ten seconds, he remembered why he usually doesn't play with it. He saw his bounceroo, and moved towards it. He chewed on one of the metal supports for a little while (which can't be comfortable, really), before he sighted the second PlayStation 3 controller, which was plugged into the machine to charge. He went after that controller like a junkie towards his latest fix.

To the surprise of noone, he made it three feet across the floor and got ahold of the controller. Since it was attached to the machine (a $400 machine, natch) by a cord, I took it away and hid the controller. He sighted the PS3 remote, and went for it. At that point, we really had to leave - I had to drive up to a local high school, where I borrowed a band uniform for the chorus show next weekend.

Summing up: The Boy circumnavigated 270 degrees around a square, intentionally and purposefully. Also, I'm not quite as babyproofed as I'd prefer. Do I really have to buy outlet covers? I guess so, but it's a pain.

I did order a baby gate, from this site. It'll probably wind up arriving Friday afternoon, when we've already left for Pittsburgh. This means that it will sit in front of our house for four days, telling the entire world that we're not home. >sigh<

Happy Pesach to any Jewish readers out there.

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