Saturday, April 5, 2008


Took The Boy down to Philadelphia today, for the Sweet Adeline's convention. It was a good trip - he's just a good kid. He's got a wonderful disposition and an ability to entertain himself (as much as a 7-month old can) and to keep himself engaged in his surroundings.

He did really, really well during the competition part of things. During the first two quartets, he chirped a little bit - no sustained vocalizations, just an exclamation or two, which stopped when I got up and walked him around. Finally, I knew he was ready to fall asleep, and I walked him outside the competition and let him fuss and yell until he was asleep. He woke up in time to see Mommy's quartet sing.

He was one of the hits of the convention! The women in the quartets and the audience went absolutely ga-ga over him. I mean, I know I'm prejudiced, but he really is a beautiful child and he does behave extremely well.

I wonder how much of that I can take credit for? I hesitate to pat myself on the back, even though I think I'm doing a pretty good job as a father, because I know that things tend to 180-degree change when kid #2 comes along. I've heard that where #1 tends to be good, #2 tends to be otherwise. Not true in my family - #2 was the favorite, at least until I came along. But, it is true in my wife's family (#2 was much harder than #1) and in my brother's family (#2 is a little monster - no, not really. He's a little boy. His older sister was fine; he's just, well, a little boy).

Anyway. It's 1:22AM, and I'm exhausted. My knee hurts from 4 hours in the car and a bunch more sitting. I'm going to bed, because I have a bunch of lessons to teach tomorrow.


the mol said...

yes, apparently I was a nightmare baby (I was child #2) and my brother was very similar to The Boy. Or rather, The Boy is very similar to his uncle.

the mol said...

Oh, and why did you not title this entry "Sailing to Philadelphia" ?

Paul D. Keiser said...

For me, I was the good child and my baby sister was the nightmare - and in some ways, still is. ;)

For us, Liam's the temperamental handful and little Courtney is daddy's little angel.

Kids are like a box of chocolates....