Thursday, May 29, 2008

Band trips and so much more...

Okay, just for the record - yes, I saw "American Pie." Yes, the "this one time, at band camp," joke was very funny. But, that was almost ten years ago. The joke really isn't very funny anymore. Quit it.

I went on the band trip with one of the marching bands I work with, this past weekend. It was far more fun than it had any right to be - particularly since there weren't any other chaperones other than the director, the drum guy & me, with 58 students on the trip. The kids behaved themselves, as far as I can tell. We saw the Blue Man Group perform - wonderful show, but difficult to explain. We did a parade through the nearby Six Flags and tooled around in historical areas. In short, a typical band trip.

The interesting thing is that The Wife took The Boy down to Maryland to visit her sister's graduation. And, of course, he picks the weekend to learn to crawl on his hands and knees. He still does 90% of his crawling on his belly like an army man, but he does more & more crawling on his hands and knees. I missed the first time. Sigh.

Then again, I've seen lots of firsts, so I can't complain too much. I could have turned the trip down, but I didn't. I like the director too much. Plus. he doesn't snore. If he did, I'd have to smother him as he slept. It also gave us an opportunity to exchange baby stories - his is about six weeks old, give or take.

Today, I had a good job interview for an intriguing opportunity. I'll let you know when any contracts have been signed or withdrawn. After that, The Boy went with my to drum major interviews, where he became a really nice stress reliever - hard to be upset when a smiling, playful baby is looking at you. Plus, it let us tell the joke (and it was a joke): "If he smiles, you get five points. If he cries, you lose five. If he spits up, you're automatically disqualified." Everyone laughed at that one, and no one cause spit up. Then, he went with me to a lesson and was - again - darling. Just a good kid. I can't wait for tomorrow, when we get to go for our walk to the comic book store.

It was REALLY hard to be away from him for a weekend. I found myself looking at his pictures on my cel phone a couple of times per day! That's weird, for me - the only thing that I've been that attached to, in the past, was baseball scores.

(True story. Background first: when my best friend and I traveled anywhere when I was younger, I'd carry a transistor radio with me so I could check the status of the ball game. Since the cel phone revolution, I've checked the score three or four times per game when I'm out. Story, now: when we went to the movies a couple of weeks ago, I kept checking my phone during the movie - Yanks were playing the Red Sox, I think. My buddy leaned in and said, "He's okay. They haven't called. Stop checking your phone." I looked at him strangely and said, "It's 4-3 Yanks in the 3rd inning. What are YOU talking about?")

(That story is funny, if you know me.)

But, I digress. It's late, and I didn't get my nap today. Plus, LOST just blew my mind with the season four finale. Is it January yet?

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