Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chorus rehearsal tonight...

Tonight, The Boy had to come with me to the barbershop chorus rehearsal because Mommy had her concert. It was a lot of fun.

First things first - The Boy can really pack the food away. He had dinner with Mommy at, like, 4:30. Then, he ate at Panera Bread with my father and me; I gave him some chicken off of my Asian Sesame Chicken salad, as well as some lettuce (that didn't have dressing on it) and some of the crunchy rice noodles. The rice noodles were a bit of a surprise; I didn't know how he'd handle the hard crunchies. But, he used his teeth well and seemed to enjoy chomping on the ends of the noodles. Anyway, he ate around 7 or 8 of the crunchy noodles, three pieces of chicken and two pieces of lettuce, as well as half a cup of water with some Hawaiian Punch mixed in. That's a lot of food! No wonder he didn't want a bottle later... I think this might be him telling me that he doesn't want the bottle when he's with me, just regular people food.

Slight digression - what do y'all think about Hawaiian Punch? That was the juice that I was raised on! I don't think that more than a couple of days went by without some Hawaiian Punch, until I was done with high school... unless we had Hi-C or Sunny D or something like it. None of this hippie-crap organic fruit juice that's the only thing in my house right now. Pure, unadulterated sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup AND cane juice are the four main ingredients. Yummy... The Boy didn't seem to enjoy it as much as the apple juice, but he drank it. That's good, I guess.

At the beginning of the rehearsal - which started at around 7:40PM tonight - he was a bit fussy, because I was trying to get him to fall asleep in the stroller. That wasn't working, so I put him in the front carrier, facing me. That's a better position for him to fall asleep, because his head then rests on my chest. He was fine with that for a while, until he started bending backwards to look, upside-down, at the chorus. I turned him around, and the fun really began.

By fun, I mean fun - not sarcastic "Holy crap!" kind of stuff. It was a GREAT singing night - the guys were really ringing those chords. Nothing sounds quite like a men's barbershop group singing well - it's a powerful and very physical sound. The Boy has demonstrated, since birth, that he knows the difference between good barbershop and bad barbershop; tonight was no exception. When the guys rang a great chord, and the overtones were screaming in the room, The Boy got really excited. He grinned, giggled a bit, flapped his arms in the air and kicked his feet. It was >>really<< cute; this brought the attention of the men on the risers, and they performed a little bit better. This caused the baby to get happier, and the "vicious" cycle continued. What a wonderful, positive experience for everybody!

Funny thing, too - he conducted with me a few times as well. Now, I know that he was just using his hands to chase after mine, which meant that he was moving in a conductor's pattern; but, it's cuter to think that he was imitating Daddy and conducting. Watch him start directing the chorus when he's, like, 2 or 3!

He didn't sing along much, although he let us know, a few times, when we sang some stuff badly. At the business meeting break, I gave him a bottle (which he drank an ounce from), and he fell asleep in the stroller until it was time to go home. The transfer from the car, inside, changed into sleeping diaper and pajamas, wasn't our smoothest, but it was okay.

Great night. Fun baby. I hope he joins my chorus...

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Paul D. Keiser said...

The next Greg Lyne?

Just keep him from the drunken, skirt-chasing habits... ;)