Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crazy Baby Time

We've been having a lot of fun, lately, having "Crazy Baby Time" with The Boy. This happens, usually, first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening, and at naptimes. The premise? As we lie together on the bed, The Boy goes a little "crazy." He climbs up and down Mommy & Daddy, spins around on the bed, rolls around up and down, occasionally peeks over the sides of the bed and acts as perpetual motion machine until he will, suddenly, put his head down on the bed, stick his thumb in his mouth, and fall asleep in approximately .15 seconds. It's really quite endearing and definitely cute. The only issue is when he falls asleep in a really awkward position, and we debate the merits between possibly waking him up or leaving him to have his spine grow into Lombard Street.

This is the part as The Boy transitions from being an infant into being a toddler. I understand, at least in concept, about the immense energy and emotion displayed by the younglings. I've dealt with enough children of varying ages to see that. I haven't had to deal with it on my own, although my niece did wake me up several times when she was very young by walking into my room and lifting one of my eyelids to see if I was awake. Nothing "cuter" than waking up to a child's face about .5 inches from your nose. I'm looking forward to it, although I really don't want to give up some of the perks of infancy (like the ability to get snuggles whenever wanted, and the ability to have a partner with which to nap).

Crazy Baby Time, in its own way, also translates into normal-day stuff. I've already told y'all about how The Boy likes to make his way to the DVD rack and yank DVDs off of the bottom shelf. The same occurs with his bookshelf. When everything's out of those places, he'll leave them alone and go elsewhere, usually to an area that he really doesn't belong - today, he made a game out of making a mad dash for the Playstation 3 everytime he was put down. Lucky me. But, watching his crawl around is interesting.

Several times, he's crawled from his bedroom to the family room. It's entertaining watching him make this journey. Several times, he'll turn himself 360 degrees and continue moving in the same direction, for absolutely no reason. He'll stop and look into the bathroom, then continue. He'll stop at his bookshelf, knock over one or two books, then continue. It's funny, really. He hasn't started going for the stairs yet - thankfully, as the gate will finish going up on Sunday.

Tomorrow night, we're leaving him with a new babysitter. Keep your fingers crossed.

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