Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eating time...

We gave The Boy tofu (or, too-foo, as my father calls it) last night for the first time. He seems to like it okay. The extra firm tofu is good for The Boy to pick up, as it provides squishiness and sliminess (both positives) but doesn't come apart quite so easily. He ate most of three pieces of tofu for dinner last night, and lunch and dinner today. To be fair, at lunch, he was far more interested in the chicken, bell pepper and apple than the tofu.

So, we've given him (so far): bell pepper (green), apple, rice cereal, oatmeal, tofu, chicken, turkey, potato, turkey loaf (made with potato crust instead of bread crumbs), broccoli (his favorite non-chicken meal), spinach, rice cake, pear, mango and... I'm forgetting a couple of things. A fairly non-allergenic list, although tofu (being soy) contains some allergens. I'm not worried about tofu; I've given him a little taste of my soy yogurt before, and he hasn't gone into anaphylaxis. My wife yelled at me for that one.

Universally, so far, everyone agrees that it's fun to eat with him. He smiles and laughs and spits; he's got a wonderful, relaxed low brass embouchure. He picks things up very well - the pincer grip is fully formed, but he hasn't quite mastered the putting-things-down thing yet. He kind of opens his hand(s), and things fall where they may. That can be a little frustrating, such as when we dine alone, and the sippy cup winds up on the floor on the other side of the chair. He picks up food and puts it in his mouth and chews; occasionally, he swallows food. Frequently, food dribbles out when more food is put in. The larger chunks, I put back on his plate. The smaller ones, I leave in the little pouch on his bib.

My only bad habit is that I tend to forget lunch reasonably frequently. We have breakfast together, but lunchtime can be kind of scattershot - if he falls asleep at 11:30, I can tend to grab a quick bite and forget to give him solid food. That's bad, and I'm trying to stop forgetting. I've been good all week except for Tuesday.

We know he's done because he stops eating and starts playing with his food. Recently, he's started pulling at his bib when he doesn't want to eat (or when he doesn't like the bib - there's a couple that he doesn't want to wear). That can be annoying when the bib pouch is full of food and that gets everywhere... but, I generally take the table away from him, wash his hands & face, wash the table, then pick him up and move into another room. It's fun.

I highly recommend eating with the baby. My boy, in particular, is lots of fun.


the mol said...

Hey, readers, check out this blog:

It's about baby-feeding. Specifically, babies feeding themselves. Way more fun that way.

The Boy has had banana, apple, pear, peaches, blueberry, apricot, broccoli, cauliflower spinach, peas (will have to try those again now that he's got the pincer grasp), green beans, carrots, green peppers...potato, sweet potato, rice noodles, rice, quinoa, millet...turkey, chicken, lamb, and tofu. I think that covers it. He usually drinks water but will sometimes have apple or grape juice.

I remember stuff.

the mol said...

I should add, though, that boobie is still his favorite.

Musical Daddy said...

Mine, too.