Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great day today...

Today was one of the Good Days, no matter how those days are defined. The three of us went to breakfast this morning - The Wife has a later starting time on Tuesdays, because she teaches at a later-starting school, so we took advantage of that. We got back home and had some Crazy Baby Time.

Crazy Baby Time is when the little one crawls all around the bed like a madman, getting into everything we'll let him get into - including hanging over the side to try to reach my nightstand (where the remotes are) or my wife's nightstand (where a bottle of water & a bottle of lotion are). This is nerve-wracking, as you imagine, but not that bad - he's not stupid about throwing himself over the side. We have hand(s) on his ankle(s) to prevent him from falling, and we yank him back to the middle by the time he gets off the edge. Anyway, he crawls around, climbs on us, plays with things, stands up, sits down, dances, chews on things, plays with the sheets, chews on the blanket, plays with our hands, chews on pajama buttons, etc., etc., etc. Crazy Baby Time. This is followed, almost inevitably, by a nap. This morning, he fell asleep lying next to me, which was FAR too cute.

We were up at around 10:30 (didn't fall asleep until 9:15, 9:30-ish), and he had his bottle. He crawled around the living room causing trouble: pulling himself up with the edge of the couch (a new trick), exploring the underside of his jumparoo (cute), chasing after some toys, pulling DVDs out of the case and playing with them (he always seems to push the "Effective Choral Warmups" DVD the farthest... I wonder what that means?), going for the wires sticking out of the back of the easy chair (dangerous), playing with the wheels of his high chair, and going after the Swiffer (dangerous, but more gross than anything else. At least it's clean). I watched and chased after him as I skimmed through this month's "American Baby" magazine - nothing very interesting, although the babyproofing article reminds me that I need to spend more time babyproofing.

So, when he got bored of exploring by himself, he and I played for a while. He climbed all over me - lots of fun for us both, particularly because I kept changing the "landscape" to make it interesting. We danced together, we played with a ball together, and I read him a book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The book is good - the characterization was very strong, although I didn't understand the need to travel to Philadelphia in the second act. Plus, the introduction of his cousin was strangely done and irrelevant, as the cousin doesn't do anything for the rest of the story.

But, I digress.

After the story, we had lunch - I had the remnants of an Indian lentils dish my wife made for dinner on Sunday night, and The Boy had some rice noodles, some rice cake, some slices of pear and apple juice. (For the juice, it's more like a splash of juice in a glass of water - just enough for flavor.) After lunch, he busied himself on the floor of the kitchen while I cleaned, then took Crazy Baby Time again. This time, he fell asleep with his head on my stomach and his rear end on the bed in a kind of "Yoga-baby" position. Very cute and very endearing... this nap, I didn't enjoy with him. I cleaned the kitchen, did some computer work and straightened up the house. He woke up, and we played for a little while. We went for a walk, to the post office (to send out some resumes), to the bank for a cup of coffee, then to the park. We socialized a little bit, swung on the swings, played on the slide, then went home. That boy loves his swing, let me tell you! Around 3:00, he had his second bottle of the day - a REALLY long time between bottles, but he was okay until he saw me take the bottle out of the fridge. Once he started to think about it, he exploded.

After the bottle, we watched Spider-Man (the new cartoon) from this past Saturday, then I changed the first poopy diaper of the day. Once he was clean, I shaved & showered - interesting that, this time, I let him pick where he wanted to go while I shaved. (The baby gate is up and functional.) He went down the hall, saw that I wasn't following him, then came back to see what I was doing. He watched me shave. I put him in his crib while I showered, though, because I can't hear as well with the water running... he griped about it while he saw me, then settled down and listened to music (Max Q, "For The Children", the single best children's music album that we own) until I was done & dressed. We played for a few more minutes, then Mommy came home and I had to go to my chorus meeting.

A great day, as I said. This "Dad" thing? It >is< all it's cracked up to be. I'm glad he's here. I don't think I've ever had a day at work as good as this silly little day was!


Flossie Teacake said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! My son is a little younger than yours, he still does Crazy Baby Time though! I love reading your blog because I think sometimes I'm too involved in the everyday being a parent stuff to really step back and see how lucky I am and how magical it is, your passion for being a father really comes across.

Musical Daddy said...

Thank you! Those are very kind words, and I appreciate them greatly. I hope that my son gets a chance to read this someday - I know that I still love hearing stories about what it was like when I was a baby.

Paul D. Keiser said...

Freaking sweet. This little tale of happy shiny goings on is just what I needed to start my day! Thanks, Chuck!

Can't wait to meet the lil' guy someday (hopefully before he graduates college or wins his first gold medal)!