Saturday, May 17, 2008

New stuff

The Boy has figured out how to get from a lying position to a seated position. It's kind of cool, how he does it: he turns over onto his belly, pulls his legs underneath him and pushes with his hands until he's sitting. It's very cute because of how deliberately he moves. Every move he makes is very carefully planned, thought out and executed.

His eating has gotten a lot better, as well. Tonight, at dinner, he ate a lot of chicken and potatoes. His green beans weren't particularly well eaten; he mostly chews on them for a little bit, then spits them out again. I know that he's gotten the seeds from the beans, because they turn up in his poop.

His toys have changed, as well. He has only used his jumparoo once or twice in the last month, and he doesn't use it to bounce up and down anymore. He stands there and plays with the toys for a little while before getting mad and yelling at me until he gets picked up. Mostly, he crawls around the rooms, pausing to play with things as he is interested. It's actually kind of difficult caring for him, now - trying to keep him occupied with stuff that he's supposed to play with, as opposed to the stuff he isn't supposed to play with (power cords, electrical outlets, the PS3, magazines, etc.).

Not that big of a deal. He's a pleasure to care for, because he's fun. He seems to be learning not to put certain things in his mouth, like my cel phone and our sneakers. It doesn't always take; today, he crawled all the way across the room in order to chew on my wife's sneakers.

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