Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Babies are funny...

Today, he's been a very snuggly guy. Why? Not sure. We both passed out cold around 7AM, after Mommy left for work, and we slept until around 9:15 or so, then spent 15 minutes waking up and playing. For the rest of the morning, he needed a lot of physical contact - he needed to be held all the time. I'm fine with that. Then, he decided he didn't want to be held; five minutes later, he was crying and chasing me.

Man, he can crawl REALLY fast now.

Then, we sat down. He crawled around, found his sling, and chewed on the ends for a little while. Then, he crawled onto my lap and suddenly (like, in the space of about 5 seconds) fell asleep.

Babies are funny.

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