Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Four & Evening Five

My wife & I got to go for a little walk this evening, which is the first non-baby together time that we've had since Tuesday. It was a nice half-hour, even if we didn't do anything except walk and talk. But, it's nice to spend some time together.

Last night, I went home at around nine o'clock. I spent an hour or so messing around on the computer, and then I took a nice, long shower. Afterwards, I played "God of War II" for about twenty-five minutes, then went to bed at around 11:00. I woke at 8:30AM, ate breakfast, and chatted with The Wife. I tried to work out on the home gym, but took one look at the weights and left. My body won't exercise when I'm under severe emotional stress - I can't "work it off" like many do. That's when I injure myself. So, I left home around 9:45 or so to go back to the hospital.

The Boy was awake and happy and playing, which was SO good to see! He was nursing well all night long and was more and more like himself: interactive with us, giggling (only twice, but it was REALLY welcome), grabbing things and yanking at the tubes remaining in his body. Today, he even ate two solid food meals: spinach and turkey (diced too small for him to get a really good grip, but still) for lunch and broccoli and chicken (his two favorites) for dinner.

The Wife went home for a few hours in the afternoon - the poor dear was a little overwhelmed and tired, not having slept well in the PICU last night. The Boy pretty much slept through most of her absence. I did get to snuggle The Boy in his "crib" for a little while - that's how big & sturdy the thing it. It was great for both of us, we being Nap Buddies.

Now, he's napping on Grandma until Grandma & Grandpa take my wife home for the evening. Tomorrow, Uncle B is taking me to see "Wanted," which is a comic book movie that I want to see. That'll be my big break for the day, and I'll go home after dinner tomorrow night to get ready for the first day of the summer program. I'm not sure how much I'm going to go and be able to work, but I'm also sure that medical bills are going to pile up. I know teachers have a great health plan, but I also know that we're racking up probably around $100K worth of bills during this.

I really feel a lot better right now. He really seems like my baby again - smiling, playing and being cute. I know that the report of the pathology can bring things dramatically worse, or they can bring things to be dramatically better. That's something that I'm very aware of. Still, right this second, my tension level is WAY less than it has been.

Plus, Shrek is on TNT. That's a great movie.


Mama Gibby said...

I totally forgot that you had this blog until the other day when you posted something in your fb note. You guys have been weighing heavily on my heart. I'm glad you two are taking time for yourselves. I don't know if I've ever told you, but my sisters son had leukemia when he was around Erica's age and my sister never took time for herself. He's in remission for about 8 years now. God has a wonderful way of listening to our prayers, so you guys keep the faith and know that our hearts and our prayers are with you.

Mama Gibby said...

Oh, and I LOVE Shrek, too.

Sarah R said...

I'm so glad The Boy is acting more like himself. Good to hear you got a giggle, some cuddling, and especially some nursing out of him.