Friday, June 27, 2008

Evening Four

Tonight's my night to go home and rest. I'm not rushing home, because #1 - I'm not THAT tired, and #2 - the Yankees game is on channel 11. That means that I can watch it from the hospital; their cable does not have the YES network, which is the Yankees sports station. Although, considering the way the game is already going (the first game was a Mets blowout win, and the second game isn't starting any better), I might lower my blood pressure by just going home and spending time on the Playstation.

Today was a better day than yesterday, for a number of reasons. First, the tubes making him Robo-Baby are being removed, one at a time - first the nose air tube, then the right wrist IV, then the right leg IV, then the nose-stomach hose last. Funny story: around 2AM, I asked the nurse to put an extra piece of tape on the nose-stomach hose. That's the hose that's in his stomach - because the stomach "goes to sleep" during the surgery, they keep a hose in their to get rid of the bad stuff buildup and to be an easy way to flush the belly out when necessary. The Boy was fussing with it, and I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. I fell asleep around 3 and woke up at 5. The nose hose was lying on the pillow next to him, and I thought, "Cool! The nurse came in and took out the hose. So, why did she leave it on the pillow... oh." He had ripped it ALL THE WAY out from his stomach, tape and all - which is why his cheek is all red and swollen. Silly boy.

Second reason today was a better day: we got to pick him up and hold him. It was difficult, at first, to juggle the baby and all the hoses and wires. It got easier as the day went and fewer wires were stuck on him. Nothing felt better than holding the baby, for sure; and it helped him feel better. He went about six or seven hours between morphine shots, which is good, I think.

Third reason: The Boy was playing, playing, playing! He was manipulating toys and messing around with stuff, chewing on things and people. I got my nose chewed on, which was welcome and appreciated. He was interacting with people, including the game of taking a toy from my mouth, chewing on it, then putting it back - not sanitary, but cute.

Fourth reason: SO MANY friends stopped by today! Eric, Dan & Lisa, Brandon & Lee, Grandma, Grandpa & Grandpa, Pete & Shelly & Jenn... so many people! It was REALLY nice to be able to chat with friends. We are very well loved, and David even moreso - nothing is more appreciated.

Worst part of the day: about a half hour ago, The Boy started FREAKING OUT big time. I got the grandparents and Mommy out of the room and calmed him down. It was kind of scary, because he's running a fever - result of the surgery, being treated - and was in pain because of his wounds. His heart rate was up to 190, which is NOT good, and his blood pressure was back up to where it was last night. Scary feeling, let me tell you - but, it was better than yesterday, because I could hold him in my arms and sing to him to help him calm down.

I'm probably going to see "Wanted" on Sunday. I'm happy about that. I loved the comic.

I'll stay over on Saturday night. We'll alternate nights for as long as we can, even when we're back in the Step-Down area and can both stay. The internet connection isn't fast enough for the extra links tonight; I'll get 'im in later. Maybe.

Cancer Glossary:
"Extubate" - taking tubes out of a person, as opposed to "Intubate."
"Excise" - to cut out
"Step-Down" - the area of near the ICU that isn't the ICU.
PICU - Pediatric Intensive Care, pronounced peek-you.


chuckandsarah said...

Just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you--I can't believe the whirlwind you must be going through right now--definitely makes us stop and appreciate the blessings we have! Lots of hugs and prayers for David, Molly, and daddy!

Sarah R said...

I am so glad you got to hold David today! What a great feeling for BOTH of you.

Continuing to send all kinds of prayers your way....