Wednesday, June 18, 2008

History Lesson, Part 4

Sunday, September 2: The First Night
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'Round about 4AM, I finally started to figure out why people find this whole baby thing so challenging. All I've really got to say is, thank GOD for my mother-in-law. She's been amazing all week, and a real life-saver as we've been adjusting to this huge change.

(PLEASE stop telling me, "Stock up on your sleep!" and "You don't know how much of a change you're in for!" It's annoying. You're not the first, tenth or hundredth person to tell me that, so quit it. Say, "Congratulations," if you're a close friend, ask if you can help - you can't, except to come to the bris, but leave the normal stuff alone.)

Anyway, he fed at 10:00PM, 1AM, 4AM & 7AM, and woke up once each in between the feedings. Grandma took care of him in between the feedings, rocking him back to sleep. The other times, I picked him up, changed him, brought him to Mommy, brought her a new bottle of water, then rocked him back to sleep & put him down.

(I kind of figured that, since Mommy just pushed him out of her uterus on, like, Thursday, that she doesn't need to do the legwork until she's moving around comfortably. My reproductive organs ache just thinking about what she went through.)

So, it's tiring. Mommy & Grandma let me sleep from right after the 4AM feeding until around 10 o'clock, which was shocking - not that they let me, but that I was able to sleep. I guess I was more tired than I expected. Who'd have thunk it, eh - being tired because of taking care of a newborn?

So far, though, so good. He hasn't cried for long when he's woken up late at night. He hasn't gotten sick or any non-normal weird rashes or things like that. I haven't been peed on yet, but it was a close call last night - he went an extra 1 & 2 while I was changing the diaper. Lesson learned - put the new diaper underneath him right away, and keep a rag nearby to deflect the firehose.

This will not become a baby-poop blog; I'm just recounting the story of the evening.

I think we can handle this.

Monday, September 3: Second Day / Second Night
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He was quite good last night. Feedings at 10PM, 1AM - he had trouble falling back asleep when he was done feeding, around 1:30, so at 2 o'clock, he had another little snack - good thing Mommy is so well endowed with food - and 5AM. Quick diaper change, a couple of sung songs to him, and back to sleep with relatively little fuss. At 2, I took him outside and we both napped on the couch for a little while. Considering that we went to bed around 11, and got up at 7:30, I got my "usual" five or six hours of sleep. THAT, I can handle.

Yesterday was a good day. We went for our first family walk - after putting the stroller together, we headed down the block to the local Italian Festival, where most of town was. It was nice - not so much for us to do, because Mommy & I haven't made many friends in town & The Boy's too young to do much of anything. It was good to get The Wife out of the house, as she's been cooped up for far too long.

The Wife will likely head to school tomorrow, to get the whole tenure thing locked into place. We'll keep the baby at home, or spend the day down there & bring him to her when The Boy needs feeding. If she goes into school, then she uses sick days only while recovering, and we take no financial hit. (Disability is only 60% pay.) I'm a little worried about her going, but mostly because she's still torn up from giving birth. Someone will spend the day with her, whether it's Grandma or myself. I do have marching band tomorrow afternoon, so that likely settles that.

Anyway. Off to the pediatrician today. On Saturday, he said that The Boy had normal infant jaundice. We'll see. He seems perfectly healthy & fine to me!

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