Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love naps...

I "tossed" the baby onto the bed like I usually do: a big windup, with a "one, two, THREE!!!", letting him go from about two inches off of the surface of the bed, so he has a little bounce, but not enough to be close to a safety issue. He smiles and giggles, flailing his hands around in the air in joy. He sticks his thumb in his mouth, watching me as I lie next to him. I take me glasses off and put my head flat on the mattress, near his; he rolls over to face me, and smiles. Almost immediately, his eyes start to close, as inexorable as gravity. The beautiful blue starts to roll up, then his eyes snap open and alert. Immediately, the eyes close and roll up. One more quick open, as he tries to fight off sleep, then his eyes close, this time for the duration. His breathing slows, the sucking on his thumb becomes less intense before ceasing, and he snuggles into his daddy, sound asleep.

I love naps.

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