Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving on up... er... down... er... up...

We just got moved from the PICU into the Step-Down area. That's the part of the pediatric ward that means that things aren't serious enough for intensive care, but not quite healthy enough for the general population. It's a smaller room, but the nurses come in half as often (every two hours) as the PICU. And, the Yankees are back to their non-hitting ways. One out of two ain't bad.

The Wife's parents have left back to Pittsburgh until the weekend. Her sister is coming up from Washington, DC, to spend the rest of the week, while I'm at work. I'm happy that The Wife is going to have company during the five hours (including transportation time) that I'm at work.

(GEEZ - what is it about professional baseball players, that they don't know how to throw to the right base from the outfield? Men on 2nd & 3rd, 1 out, sacrifice fly to right field. One of the fastest guys in the league is on third; there is NO WAY you're going to get him. Throwing home enabled the runner to advance from 2nd to 3rd, meaning that the second runner can score on a wild pitch or infield hit. Stupidity. But, I digress.)

I'm a little apprehensive about going into work for the half-days of the summer program this week, considering that we're waiting for the pathology report. That could come any day - Monday through Wednesday - any time. If I stayed at the hospital, the report wouldn't come until 5PM on Wednesday. Now that I'm going to work, it'll be there Monday at 10AM. Cie la vie.

Early indications are that it's the type of tumor we want - the one that can be positively affected by the chemotherapy. It's a 6-month regimen, which presents interesting problems... but, it'll be a wonderful January celebration when he's finally done with it. Keep your fingers crossed.

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