Saturday, June 14, 2008

Potty Humor & Car Dealerships...

If you aren't a Battlestar Galactica fan (the new one, not the crappy old one), then you're missing the best-written, best-acted show on television today. Tonight's episode - the mid-season finale (we go on hiatus for the better part of a year, which leaves you plenty of time to catch up) - is one of the best hours of television I've ever seen. I honestly don't think I'm going to sleep tonight - my mind is too busy. Each season & each half-season has ended with a cliffhanger, like most serial dramas; this one has completely, 100% changed the entire nature of show. Very few shows do this sort of thing, ever; this show not only pulled it off, but pulled it off in a manner that was engaging, moving and heartbreaking, all at the same time. Check it out, like, now.

Today was an interesting day. We had a 9:30AM appointment at the car dealership; my wife's brakes, which were just worked on two months ago, started squeaking and shimmying again. The Boy & I were up at 5:45 - more specifically, he was up and made sure that I was as well - and had breakfast, going back to bed after my wife called to confirm the appointment. We arrived at 9:30, dropped the car off, and walked to breakfast. At breakfast, I ordered my eggs over hard (to solidify the yolks - I don't like runny yolks). When I cut the egg with my fork, most of the yolk popped out and rolled down the plate. I figured, "Why not?" and gave it to The Boy. He loved it - ate it, then tried to pick up the little crumbs to get more. Very cute.

Anyway, we got back to the dealership at around 10:30. At 11, I asked the statues of the car - "We're just putting the wheels back on right now." Great! The contact guy went to lunch soon after. No car. At 12 I went hunting for him - no luck. At 1, I finally found him - "There's a problem; the squeak is still there, the wheels are off the car. But, don't worry - we'll get you a ride home. He's dropping someone off and will be back in a minute." At 2:20, he came in the waiting room - "Here's your ride! It's a Yukon, but we don't have a child seat." Okay - let's see. The baby was currently asleep on my lap. So, it's wake the baby and get into a car without a child seat for the ride home, or wait the TWENTY G-D MINUTES UNTIL MY WIFE IS DONE WITH WORK and get a child seat. The good news? They finished the car at 2:35. And, to make up for the FIVE HOURS AT THE DEALERSHIP WITH A 9-MONTH OLD, they threw in a "$10 off next service - excepting oil changes." Isn't that generous of them?

The Boy was incredibly great through the whole thing. He enjoyed crawling around on a new surface - the carpet in the waiting room had a different texture, and the chairs were set up to be perfect for cruising. I had two bottles with me, so that helped. He took two mini-naps on my lap, which saved my sanity a little bit - got to watch a movie that TiVo transferred to my iPod (legally, thank you. I don't need to pirate anything, because I bought the service & don't illegally distribute what I watch).

Still, five hours in a car dealership - with the worst communication imaginable by the staff at the dealership - is a little much. The general manager of the dealership received a call from my wife, who proceeded to tell him about the lack of service; he called up and apologized, and we'll at least get a free oil change or two from the deal.

The funny bit of the day happened a little later. Now, a little background - with a little more information than you really needed about me. During the day, if I'm carrying The Boy around and need to use the potty, I usually won't put him down - Daddies pee standing up, and I don't really care if he sees it. Far as I'm concerned, maybe it'll make him a little less afraid of the potty when he's ready for it. Usually, when I use the bathroom and he's down, I don't close the door - he follows me down the hall (really cute, in and of itself), sticks his head around the corner and sits down. He'll watch me shave, or brush my teeth, whatever.

Anyway. We're sitting in the family room today, and The Boy takes off down the hall. He makes a hard left at the bathroom and proceeds in. My wife gets up, gets him and bring him back; he crawled down the hall and sat down, just inside the bathroom door. I said, "Go in there with him and see what he wants to play with. There must be a reason why he's going down there." My wife followed him into the bathroom and start laughing. She said, "I think he just came in here to poop. He's making that face." She handed him to me, I checked the diaper, and - sure enough - he left a present for Mommy! How funny is that - he went into the bathroom to poop!

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