Monday, June 2, 2008

Quick hits...

Blogger wouldn't let me log in last night or this afternoon. Sigh.

We bought The Boy a baby pool that is currently set up in the back yard. Initial reviews are overwhelmingly negative, as he screamed like a banshee when introduced to the pool. My wife sat with him in the pool yesterday, when the water was, like, twenty degrees. I sat with him today, when the water was warmer. He still freaked. After a while, he started to calm down and play with the toys, but he was holding on for dear life the whole time. It's definitely worth it, to see him in the cute bathing suit. He'll love it soon enough.

He's started following us around the house. He's figured out that when we walk into a room out of his sight, we don't disappear from existence - yea, object permanence! He's started crawling down the hallway to come after us. He rarely makes it the whole way, because the trip from the family room to the bedroom-areas is littered with "baby land mines" - toys, books, laundry baskets, empty boxes and similar things which are bound to distract a baby from where he was going.

Right now, he's asleep, lying across my wife, perpendicular to her, with his head on her belly. It's very cute. I know that I'm going to get kicked like a mule when I join them, but it's still cute. Lately, I've started lying on the bed next to him, no glasses on, almost nose-to-nose. He seems to like that, as he looks deep into my eyes and touches my face, gently. VERY cute. Best part? When he sucks his thumb and grabs my nose, with the same hand, at the same time.

Tomorrow, we're getting a visit from a financial dude about investments for The Boy. I want to start a college fund for him, and I want to start putting away around $100 a month for him, particularly when I start back to work (whenever that happens). I'll be interested to see what this guy has to say. If he tries the hard sell, I'm going to throw him out of my house.

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