Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Night

It's hard to keep track of which day or night it is. The days have been rolling together in a timeless limbo of images and faces and medicines and hospital rooms. So many people have come in to examine and to care for The Boy! Teams of residents (who, like Scrubs says, really do look like lost little children - in a cute, endearing kind of way, until they start to touch my baby), teams of doctors, nurses by the dozen... lots and lots and lots of people, with no realistic way to keep track of everything.

Last night was my night to stay over in the hospital, and it was a good night. The Wife left around 9-ish. He woke up a little after that and played for a bit - I sang through my Indiana Harmony Brigade music for him. When he fell asleep again, I got an hour's worth before he woke up and was quite irritated. Bottle time - midnight. No worries. He took a little bit to fall asleep, so we watched some television (Middleman, on ABC Family, recorded on TiVo & transferred to my iPod) until he fell asleep. I lay down and slept for three hours.

Four o'clock, awake for a feeding, fell asleep about thirty seconds afterwards. So did I. He woke at 7-ish and was the same wonderful baby he usually is. I got his bottle ready and fed him, letting him stand on the ground holding my legs while I situated myself with the bottle. He got a little sponge bath and a change of clothes and bedding. The nurse came in and put down his playmat, and he sat on the playmat and played for a half-hour. Now, he's asleep again - allowing me to get breakfast.

My pediatrician's father (who is also a pedatrician in the same office) came by to visit with us. He told us that early reports - and, these are VERY preliminary - would seem to indicate that this tumor is the "good" kind - meaning, the kind that doesn't spread and can be treated with chemotherapy easily. Cross your fingers and keep praying, folks.

It was a good night. May there be more of these.

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