Thursday, June 5, 2008

The shoes aren't a big hit...

to The Boy. Everybody else loves them. The first place he wore them? To the comic book store, of course. We proudly showed off his new sneakers, even if he started crying because he couldn't figure out how to get them off. The funny bit? When the lady that runs the comic book store said to her husband, "Did he hold the baby upside down to show off the new shoes?" Yes, she was joking; but, I totally would have done it, if I had thought about it. The Boy loves being held upside down, for brief periods of time.

Then again, this is the same child that occasionally bangs toys and/or his fists against his head for amazingly long periods of time. Like father, like son. (Although, I did outgrow the hitting things against my head phase by the time I was around 26.)

Today, he & I went to get my car inspected. Considering that all I needed was to give them my insurance card, the fact that the trip took around an hour and a half was an unpleasant surprise. He was so good and so calm for the entire journey! It's not a surprise by now; he's got such a calm and a pleasant disposition, the only surprise is when he's loud, talkative and cranky. For the first forty minutes of the wait, he was absolutely dead silent, listening to Max Q's album, "For the Children." Great album, incidentally. He played with a couple of toys and mashed some rice cake into his shirt. When we were three cars from the front, he got fussy and cranky. I picked him up and played with him until we were ready to go in. He quietly and contentedly hung on to his Daddy and played with the steering wheel until it was time to go.

The rest of the day went well. He napped on the way home, and we ate lunch together. We played for a little while, then he started to get tired.

It's really pretty amazing how quickly I've gotten to know him. I can read the signs in the way he sits, the way he talks, the way his arms move, the way he crawls. I mean, besides the yawning and the rubbing of eyes. I know it doesn't last, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

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