Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleep Training, Night 2

When The Boy woke up Sunday morning, we noticed that he had a hard lump on his right side, at his stomach level. Making a long story short, we're pretty sure that he's just full of poop - literally. He didn't poop from 3PM on Saturday until about 6AM Monday morning, so we think that the lump is just poo. We'll keep you informed, but he did poop three times today - two little, one normal.

We went to Band Guy's house for a party in the afternoon. It was neat, because BG's got a 2-month old son that I got to play with. Babies are fun, and I'm proud to say that my streak of baby-tranquilizing continues. Best part of the day? The guys went outside to play wiffle ball. The girls & the babies (there were 3 there, with one of the women 8 months preggo) came outside a little while later. The Boy was watching the game and laughing harder than I've ever seen him laugh! Every time someone swung and missed, he's give out a huge belly laugh and clap his hands. What a cute kid... not so cute when Daddy is striking out, though there IS a reason why I'm "Musical Daddy" and not "Sports Star Daddy."

So, we got him home and strongly debated about what to do regarding the sleeping arrangements. We were (and are) concerned about the lump in his belly-area, but we decided to keep up with the sleep training, regardless. When he started to get sleepy, I took him inside to his crib.

When put in his crib, he freaked out again. I let him stand up and walk around in the crib while he shouted; I touched him when he came by, and kissed him as often as possible. Eventually, he started rubbing his eyes again, and I lay him down. He screamed and started to get up, but I gently placed a hand on his chest until he started to nod. Before he fell asleep, I took my hand off and sat down next to the crib, occasionally reaching through the bars to touch his hand or his leg - not necessary for him, but somewhat necessary for me.

There was one false alarm - I thought he was asleep, so I got up and he woke up - but, from crib to sleep was about 30-ish minutes tonight - a distinct improvement over the 3 45-minute segments from last night. I was back in my bedroom at about 9:15. At 12, he woke up again and cried, but we waited a minute or so, and The Boy fell back asleep. At 1:30, he was awake and hungry; the wife went in and fed him, and he stayed asleep until 5:30, when she gets up for work.

All-in-all, a distinct and dramatic improvement over night 1. Today - day 2, now, using the Jewish method of starting the day with the previous sunset - he napped once with me in the morning, once in his crib while I exercised, and once more with me in the afternoon. That's an acceptable transition for me, to work my way away from napping with him without traumatizing me too much!

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the mol said...

When I mentioned that we were making this transition to someone at work, she said that her daughter, 17 years old, still naps with her sometimes when they get home from school.

If The Boy is still reasonably willing to take at least one nap in his crib, I say let him nap with us if we're napping too.

It is likely that napping will continue to be something that the boys do together; Mommy is not nearly the nap enthusiast that Daddy is.