Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wilms' Tumor, day three

The Boy underwent reasonably successful surgery this morning for Wilms' Tumors on his kidneys. He had his left kidney removed, along with a 2-ish pound tumor - basically, the size of a nice steak at a restaurant. That tumor was 100% excised. His right kidney has less than 25% tumor, and that was not able to be removed due to its location.

The pathology on the tumors will come back next week, and chemotherapy will be begun. After a few weeks of chemo, he'll have that second tumor removed, and start more chemo.

Lots of questions, lots of concerns, lots of changes. He's resting reasonably comfortably right now - thank you, morphine. Sorry about not adding fun links like I try to - this has been, quite possibly, the worst couple of days of my entire life. Hopefully, the worst is done... but there's no guarantee about that.

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Sarah R said...

I am crying for you because it's really hard when you can't tell your baby what is going on. He's such a cute little guy too.

I am here for you and your whole family and am glad the surgery went well today.

I've "known" Mol from the WebMD boards for almost 2 years and my son is 5 days older than David.

You guys inspired me to go cloth a month ago and I feel like I have a lot in common with Mol.

Here are more prayers for you and your little guy.........

Love Sarah