Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You'd think I learn...

I'm still not "up" on a lot of the Mommy-type things when I take the boy out of the house. I mean, I usually remember the diaper bag. I've got that going for me, and it helps that the diaper bag is a manly-type bag and not a girly bag. But, there's a lot of other stuff that I don't really remember.

For instance, I only leave the house with a sippy cup full of liquid (water, usually, or water with a splash of apple juice for a little flavor / sugar) about half the time. If I have the diaper bag, then I have a sippy cup; it's just empty. That's not good, particularly when it's a brutally hot day and he's thirsty. Fortunately, that's a problem that's relatively easy to fix; if you walk into a restaurant pushing a stroller and ask someone to fill a sippy cup with some water, they'll oblige you 99.9% of the time. People like babies.

I also forget to leave the house with snacks, quite frequently. I should get in the habit of filling a plastic bag with puffed rice or puffed millet - not so much the puffed millet, because it's difficult for him to grab because of the small grains. Still, I should have that snack there, because it keeps him busy eating.

I am quite good about remembering toys for him to play with. Granted, he's at the stage right now where he's not playing much with toys; he greatly prefers to use Mommy and/or Daddy as a plaything. He wants to crawl around and touch things. He'll play for a few minutes, but that's about it. The rest of the time is spent crawling: move around, touch this. Move some more, touch that. Pull himself to standing, reach around for stuff to chew on. Drop back down, crawl some more, and repeat.

I do admit to getting annoyed about people saying, "Is he walking yet? Just wait - when he is, your life is OVER!" I don't understand that, as I've written before. When he starts walking, am I going to fall over dead? That sounds like a congenital thing... hopefully, it skipped this generation. Considering how much fun and rewarding each stage has been so far, I'm looking forward to this one as well. I expect to have difficulties adjusting; everyone does, including the baby. But, that's life; very little in life doesn't involve some sort of pain and/or sacrifice. It doesn't make it less fun and less rewarding.

I want to have those experiences of holding my son's hand while he walks around. How is that bad? I want the experience of him toddling after me, dragging a teddy bear behind him while he struggles to tell me about the coolest new thing that he's seen. I want to spend time chasing him around the park, making sure that he doesn't fall (too hard) off of anything.

Just had to take a quick break to see what he had caught in his mouth. Whenever I hear noise stop, I start moving towards him, because it means, 98% of the time, that he's got something in his mouth that he shouldn't. In this case, it was a piece of plastic off of a DVD cover.

Meh. I'm going to take him in the bedroom where the air conditioning actually works. It's hot.

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the mol said...

You should have seen him at dinner--I put a sippy cup on the high chair tray while I grabbed the rest of dinner. It was full when I put it in front of him--seriously he chugged at least half of it. It's HOT!