Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 for 6 today...

Today, The Boy successfully used the potty five times out of the six opportunities. That's a pretty good ratio - I don't think my father has that kind of day anymore.

He also tried to eat mud that Band Guy tracked into my living room, but that's a different story. He gets his brains (using the potty) from my side of the family. He gets his "adventure" (eating mud, eating bugs) from my wife's side. Obviously.

And yes, I choose to disregard the fact that my genius, beautiful niece, who is the (other) apple of my eye and heart of my heart, used to eat bugs regularly when she was a baby. She was a preemie and didn't know any better. Besides, it was funny.

(If you haven't checked out Amazon's .mp3 downloading service yet, do it now. There's some great deals and about three hundred free tracks available. There's a bunch of foreign albums available for, like, 90 cents an album. It's pretty cool. My "unheard music" playlist - stuff with a playcount of "0" on my iPod - is back up over 200 because of Amazon's service. The free stuff, combined with $2 and $5 albums, has given me a John Lennon collection, Naxos Music early music special edition, Red Hot Chili Peppers greatest hits, Diana Krall's last album and the first two volumes of ESPN Jock Jams. To be fair, I bought the last two at a garage sale for a buck each.)

Okay. I'm done screwing around. Back to work.

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