Thursday, July 10, 2008

8 more hours...

...until the official "Week 1" of the chemotherapy. We're all awake in the house right now, watching yesterday's "Attack of the Show" on the TiVo, because they're showing an interview with The Onion's writer & editor and because they have a segment called "Break Moments of De-Evolution" that highlights internet videos of people trying to kill themselves. The Boy was screaming in agony a little while ago, but he & my wife seem to have settled down and are almost asleep on the lounge chair.

The chemo officially starts this morning. I'm scared about it. I want him to be healthy, I want him to be happy, and I'm terrified about the damage that the chemo might, can and will cause. Side effects are a real pain - pun intended - and we're not looking forward to waking every two hours for the next two days to change him.

I'm teaching until 10 o'clock, then meeting them at the Valerie Center at the hospital. Argh.

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