Friday, July 18, 2008

Again, better than last week...

We got on the even numbers for some reason yesterday, so the planned changes were at 12, 2, 4 and 6 AMs. I got to sleep at 12:15, after an interesting discussion with my wife about the exact schedule. Her first idea was to take the 2 and 4 shifts herself, and I'll take the 6 and 8; but, 4AM is REALLY late at night, and The Boy would wake her (sort of) to nurse, anyway.

Is this every-other-hour thing standard among babies who get chemo, or is this just a side result of ours? Let me know, folks.

Anyway, at 3:15AM, I was awakened by a screaming, cute little boy. I thought I had overslept, so I changed him before I realized that I was early for the change. Okay, no big deal - we're back on odd numbers. He was awake, a bit, so we watched an episode of Scrubs and went back to sleep.

At 5:30, my wife woke up and needed a little help, but she changed him right in the bed and all went back to sleep quickly. At 7, The Boy woke up and decided that he would use Mommy and Daddy as climbing posts. So, we're awake.

I changed him at 7:10, and we went inside to play. After about 5 minutes on the floor, he came over to sit on my lap, when... sniff sniff... oh, boy. Poopy. On a bleeding-raw-rashed rear end. Mommy got up to help, and now Mommy is dumping the baby in bed with Aunt Carla, who arrived last night at around 1AM to help for the weekend.

We're hungry and want to go to breakfast and are not above fighting dirty.

200th post! Hooray!

I love Google Analytics - they tell me what country y'all are from. 27 visitors from Egypt? That's AWESOME! Hello, friends from Egypt. Say Hi - I'm really, honestly and authentically interested in what you have to say. What does Egypt, New Zealand, Japan and Australia (Hi, Jo!) have to say about the whole co-sleeping thing?


Rochelle said...

So sorry you and your family have to go through this. I admire your strength and positive attitude. I used to post on WebMD with Mol. I forgot my password so was unable to send her my regards. Screen name there was Rushie1224. We both had big boys couple days apart. My not so little guy is Dylan. Oh, and I am all for cosleeping:)

Toddlermagnet said...

I'm in Canada but thought I'd pitch in. :)
I'm all for the co-sleeping if it means that everybody gets more sleep. My 16 month old is still sleeping with us much of the time. Babies will often change their schedules suddenly and those who have always slept well through the night may all of a sudden be up every hour. As for the more frequent nursing, I find that my littles nurse a lot more when they're feeling poorly or are upset. It's a comfort thing.
Not sure if it'd be okay on a baby dealing with chemo so I suggest you ask your doctor first but I always found that using a little cortisone cream along with the anti-fungal helped clear up that poor little bum much faster. It was actually what was prescribed the first time by my doctor. I have two little fair skinned girls who are both prone to fungal infections too. I always feel so bad when they have the bleeding rashes.