Thursday, July 3, 2008

Any minute now...

...the chemo is going to start. I'm sitting here with my wife, my baby & my sister-in-law, waiting for the doctor to arrive for the start of the chemotherapy. It should go fairly smoothly; the drug being administered today is not necessarily the drugs that are going to give him the majority of the problems - just constipation.

Afterwards, we'll wait for a little bit so that he can be observed; then, we'll be discharged. That's really exciting, because I >>REALLY<< want to go home. I want my bed, my tv, my wife, my food, my baby's toys, my baby's crib, etc. Even though the air conditioning is better here than the p.o.s. air conditioning in my house.

Last night was not bad. The nurse woke The Boy at 9PM (he'd been asleep for over an hour) to check his vitals; she didn't mean to wake him, but she did. He had a bottle at 9, and a bottle at 10:15. Eventually, he fell asleep with me on the airbed - he just wasn't taking to the cage (errr.... crib) last night. He slept through until around 5:30AM, then drank two bottles back-to-back. He played and napped and played and napped and played and napped until breakfast came at 9:15. The Wife got back to the hospital right around 10, which was when chemo was supposed to start. It's 10:15 and no chemo. Sigh.

I just want to go home.

And, I want a donut.

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