Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, I had a nice blog entry done at a computer in the Valerie Fund Center (the outpatient children's oncology center at St. Barnabas) about our experience today, and the internet ate it up. Here's the skinny on everything, so far.

Today was more difficult than the previous treatments. We laid him down, rinsed the port, took blood, injected the first medicine, and hooked him up to an IV unit, getting anti-nausea medication and fluids. We then waited a half-hour or so to get the readings on his blood counts; they were acceptable. He crawled around the children's plaroom during this time, doing his best to taste every single little block in a container of 75 or so. It was quite cute.

The doxorubicin, or "Red Devil," is a little more serious than the other drugs we're taking, I think. (Then again, we're only taking the dactinomycin every four or six weeks, also. So that one seems to be pretty bad as well.) He isn't supposed to move around too much while he's taking the doxorubicin, because if it gets into the muscles and tissues, Bad Things will happen. He's too young to sit still and watch television, so we took turns carrying him up and down the hall, looking at the pictures. He took fluids for another half hour or so afterwards as well.

So, rough time frame - 11:15 arrival, numbing cream (because we lost the original tube) took until 11:45 to take effect. 60 minutes to take the first medicine and wait for the blood counts. 45 minutes to take the Red Devil, and another half hour or so of fluids. 2:15 out the door, home at around 3 o'clock. Long day.

He fell asleep in my wife's arms in the hospital, which is why I had time to blog. But, still.

We met the potential babysitter for next school year. She's really nice, and - pending reference checks - we're probably going to go with her. The Boy took an instant liking to her and was all smiles - but, he was all smiles all day today. Afterwards, we walked to the bank, the comic book store and CVS, where we discovered that, frequently, they are not hiring people from the far right of the bell curve to work the registers.

My in-laws just arrived, which I'm happy about. We can use the help.

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