Thursday, July 3, 2008

Be it ever so humble...

...there's no place like home. We got home today at right around 4 o'clock, thank G-d. I'm really, really excited about being home. The week is starting to really catch up to me, as I can feel the exhaustion pushing at the fringes of my consciousness.

The doctor came with the chemotherapy drugs at right around 1 o'clock. The process from beginning to end was about a half-hour: saline syringe to flush the line, run the drugs down the line, one more flushing syringe. Anti-nausea drugs mixed with an IV solution, which took about 15 minutes to take. Then, one more flush, some antibiotics, and the IV was removed. The needle was removed from the mediport, and a band-aid was placed over the area.

What now? Well, we have to change his diapers every two hours until tomorrow (Friday) night. Further, we need to be gloved up to do it; the chemo drugs are toxic, and it comes out through his urine and feces. Sounds like fun, no? We'll take shifts tonight of four hours at a time.

We got home and laid around for a little while, then walked to CVS to get his drugs - anti-nausea meds, numbing cream and blood pressure medication. We stopped at the comic book store on the way back and forth. It was nice to see my friends there!

Afterwards, we've been eating dinner and straightening up the house. Stuff needs to be put away and filed nicely; the house is an absolute mess, still, but we have all weekend to make it better.

Visitors are more than welcome, but they will be put to work!

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