Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chemo day - Week 4

Just the vincristine today, so we know (relatively speaking) what to expect. Lots of fatigue, some constipation and eventual hair loss are the side effects that we know are going to happen. Considering that he hasn't started losing the hair yet, we might still escape that one - but the oncologist has told us that the hair is pretty much a done deal.

It's a shame, because his hair is a foregone conclusion, anyway. I started losing mine at 18, and the men on my wife's side are mostly bald. It'd be a shame if he lost his hair before he had an opportunity to enjoy it.

But, I digress.

We were at chemo for a long time today. We hung out for a few minutes before the nurses weighed him, took his temperature and blood pressure (narrowing down on the bp medication after this week), then went back to the playroom. We hung out there for about 45 minutes, then went in for the doctor's exam, then the nurses came in and administered the chemo. Not too bad, considering that we were also spending time with my wife's aunt, who is in town to help us out. She's graciously volunteered to take The Boy to chemo once per month during the fall.

The doctor had some good hopeful news for us. He said that there's a chance - with this chemo regimen having been administered to a large number of Wilms Tumor patients - that the chemo will destroy the tumor without having another surgery! My sense is that this isn't a particularly high chance, but even a 20-80 chance is glad news, indeed. The CT scans are going to happen according to the original calendar, during week 8, which is right in the middle of my new school district's Band Camp. Not a big deal - a long hospital day, but no overnight stay required, thank G-d. I'll stay at band camp and my mother-in-law will spend the week helping my wife.

The summer program finished today. It's a really, really chill program with cool kids, so - while I'm glad to have my holiday start (I don't work during the first two weeks of August) - I'll miss those kids. I'm not going to have the ability to work up north much this year, so I won't see them much until next summer. I brought The Wife and The Boy with me to the program today, and The Boy was a big hit. He's so cute...

Lesson tonight, then we might go see a concert. We might go see a kids' musical tomorrow morning, and we might go see a concert tomorrow night. Depends on the boy. He napped from 1 until 3 earlier, and he fell asleep around 5:15 (it's 5:30). Should be fun, whether we go out or whether we stay home.

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the mol said...

He could take after my brother, though, who still has a pretty full head of hair at age 31.