Monday, July 21, 2008

Come Monday, it'll be all right...

I've been moderately obsessed with Jimmy Buffet, since I lived with a Buffet fanatic in my sophomore year in college. He was a theater design major, specializing in lighting; I lost track of him when he transferred to one of the Virginia schools after our sophomore year. Anyway, at every party, and every night when just hanging out, we listened to Jimmy Buffet. So, at this point in my life, I know all or most of the words to pretty much every Jimmy Buffet song, pre-1997. I've even seen him in concert - we painted a pickup truck grey, with teeth, duct-taped fins to the top, side and back, and we drove a shark to the show. I bought the Rock Band Buffet track pack the day that it was released...

Interesting day, more or less. The Wife gave The Boy plenty of naked time today, and he's rewarded her with peeing in the potty twice today. (Once in the morning, once in the evening.) That's pretty cool, even if it's accidental at this point. She even had him outside for a little while, on the advice of her mother - Grandma said that a little bit of sunlight (the baking, brutal, 800-degree sunlight in central New Jersey) would be good for the rough, bleeding fungal diaper rash infection that he's been fighting since last week. (Nothing better during Chemo time than having a bleeding rash on your rear end!)

Regardless, it was still extremely cute to see baby butt standing on the lawn in the back yard. Particularly since he enjoys his naked time as much as any of us do; and, he's inherited my bum. (Which is good - I have a sweet tuchus, or so I've been told.)

He took a REALLY LONG nap this afternoon - from about 2:30 to 5:30, which suited me fine, as I slept with him from 3:00 until 5:00. (Delayed, because I was finishing up "The Proteus Operation", by James Hogan. This book is cool - in 1975, the United States was the last democratic nation left in the world. Hitler had conquered the entirety of Europe, including the Soviet Union, by 1947, thanks to atomic bombs given to him by time travellers from 2025, who came from a world where World War II never happened - cooler diplomatic heads prevailed in the 1920's, preventing the depressions in Europe and America and fostering an atmosphere of world peace that threatened to put the old oligarchys and economic elite out of business. These time travellers went back to 1929 to put the Nazis in power, so they'd have a world to control. This 1975 America found this technology from stolen German documents, and sent a team back to 1939 to try to change things and put the world back on its rightful course. I love alternate history / time travel stories like this, and I had 20 pages to read while The Boy fell asleep.) At 5:30, we walked to CVS to pick up some prescriptions for me, then ate burritos with The Wife for dinner.

After dinner, they played outside while I lifted weights and played with them between sets. He went to bed as I finished my workout, and I chatted on the phone with friends for a while before blogging as I burn 20 CDs for my chorus to use at rehearsal tomorrow. He fell asleep late - around 9:15-ish, which makes sense considering his long morning nap.

We've kind of bit the bullet a little bit - we're holding firm on the "falling asleep in his own crib" thing at night. In the wee small hours of the morning, when the whole world is fast asleep, and the baby needs his nighttime nursing (well, doesn't "need," but would prefer), we bring him into bed with us for the rest of the night. I know that we should be working him into sleeping the night without that (really unnecessary at this point) nighttime nursing, but considering that he's in chemo, we're willing to allow him to nurse at night for as long as he needs it. When he's done with the chemo, we'll entertain the conversation of forgoing the nighttime nursing. When chemo starts to really bite into him, we know that nausea and difficulty holding food down will happen; we also know that mother's milk is quickly absorbed into his body, meaning that he'll still maintain hydration and some nutrition even if his food rebounds.

So, we'll see how that works for a while. In the meantime, I'm tired and want to go to bed.

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Jennifer said...

That's okay! I could never not feed Abby just because it's not time...well at least at this point. She woke up at 12am and would not take her pacifier to go back to sleep and kept acting hungry. She doesn't usually eat until after 2am and I try not to feed her before then. Anyway, she was hungry (or thirsty) and I couldn't just not feed her. I figure there are times I wake up in the middle of the night and am VERY thirsty so why wouldn't it be the same for her. Also, you make valid points with the chemo effects.

They aren't gremlins so it should be okay. ;)