Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cute man!

Here's The Boy, interacting with the Child Life specialist at the Valerie Fund Center. Ms. Laura is a really cool lady, and her job is to help the kids feel better about their treatment and to have fun while they're there. She's the favorite person of all the kids at the Center, because her job is to play and have fun. The nurses all have to do painful and terrible things to the kids; the Child Life specialist lays with them and helps them to feel better.

I would HATE to have that job. I don't know how I could do that. It must be an amazingly difficult thing to do, to keep a positive and happy outlook on life while dealing with so many sick children, including the number - WAY too large - that are terminal cases. Teaching is hard enough. But, she's really, really great, and I'm looking forward to watching her relationship with David grow over the years.

This really was a more difficult chemo treatment than the others. He's been very, very tired - three naps (little ones) today, ten hours of sleep (with three wake-ups, all brief) last night, three naps on Friday. His appetite has been less, and he's still suffering some acid reflux issues.

Then again, so many other things are going well for him. He's crawling around like a maniac, doing everything a baby is supposed to do. He's been playing "The Great Hunter" for the past couple of days - trying to pick up and eat bugs crawling around. (Bad thing that the bugs are around; I'm hoping that it's just ladybugs and not a roach. I saw a roach today, but that's the only one that I've seen in a year or so. We'll see what'll happen.) He's also made a habit of pouncing on unsuspecting parents - the second that I've turned my head, I get jumped on by a cute baby.

Enjoy one more really cute picture:

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