Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny little man...

Today, I got done all I wanted to get done: the lawn, cleaning the garage (including the work bench, which hadn't been touched since, like, 2005), the bathrooms & the garden. It was nice that Aunt C was here, because it let the wife and the boy have company during the day, thus letting me get my work done.

So, I figured that, tonight, I would take advantage of a doting aunt to do some schoolwork in the bedroom... no dice. I received a visitor about ten minutes into work: The Boy, crawling at lightspeed down the hallway, coming up to the bedside, pulling himself to standing, and laughing hysterically at me. I can't resist a face THAT CUTE; so, we had some nice Daddy-Baby bonding time, playing on the bed, tickling, hiding from, and just having a beautiful time. He got grumpy for milk, and Mommy wisked him away. He played inside for a few minutes, then came right back into the room with me. He got bored, and wandered off down the hallway. Ten minutes later, he came back for a "good-night" play.

It was really fun. He's just a cute, good-natured kid. I'm lucky.

F&cking cancer.

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