Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good news!

As my mother-in-law says, the concepts of "good news," "lucky" and "fortunate"
have dramatically changed over the past 8 days. We are lucky that we got the
tumor that we got; it was fortunate that The Boy is only 10 months old and we are
lucky that he's such a big, strong and good-natured kid.

We received a bit of good news today, regarding his treatment. He'll be in
chemotherapy for the next 24 weeks, with a 3-drug regimen. They're all "push"
drugs, meaning that they are administered through his mediport quickly with a
syringe, instead of dripping in slowly over the course of hours. The tumors are
stage I and stage II, which means that no radiation treatment is required. The
chemotherapy drugs will have some side effects, but they are mostly minor: hair
loss (I feel his pain, here), constipation and mouth sores. The only interesting
side effect is that one drug will turn his urine orange or pink, which does have
some entertainment value.

We start our chemotherapy regimen tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and he'll be discharged an hour or two later - meaning that, for the first time
since last Monday night, he'll sleep at home. We're really excited about that,
and we're very, very happy that things seem to be moving in a positive

Thanks for the prayers, hopes and well-wishes. We're still going to need help
getting through the rough patches to come, but the scariest part is, hopefully,
behind us.

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