Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it the drugs?

Lately, The Boy's been nursing about every two hours or hour and a half during the day, and he's been nursing at least twice every night. This is strange for him; even when he was in bed with us, he'd only nurse once (at most) at night.

He's been a little backed up and constipated the last two days. He's still pooped once per day, but today's was hard as a little rock.

He's not sleepy soundly at all - little noises wake up, and once he's up - he needs to nurse.

Is this the result of the chemotherapy? Is this normal baby stuff? How can we tell the difference? All this stuff is stages that the baby will normally go through - variations in how much and how often he eats, poops and sleeps. That's normal, I guess. But, is this normal baby stuff, or the result of the chemo?

It's so damn frustrating. At 10 months, he's not supposed to have unreasoned fits like he's had tonight.


the mol said...

Good news everyone--The Boy is regular again!

I recommend blueberries.

Erin said...

As the mom of a ten moth old (for the second time around) I would attribute it to the chemo. I will say that I know nothing about chemo, but I do know a bit about babies and at 10 months there is no nutritional reason that they need to be nursing during the night. In fact, some babies will even stop middle of the night nursing by 12 weeks, usually by 6 months for sure. However, is one of th s/e's of chemo hunger? Then maybe he does need to nurse. Check with your Dr. I'm assuming you want him to be as comfy as possible during this time...tough decisions. Good luck and stay strong.

the mol said...

just for reference, The Boy was reverse-cycling his nursing while I was at work. That is, he'd take fewer bottles of pumped milk during the day and nurse more at night, which was fine because it made it easier with the pumping. He stopped nursing at night at 2.5 months but then he started reverse-cycling and we went with it.

Sarah R said...

All I can offer you are hugs and continued prayers. (((The Boy)))

Erin said...

Ah, I see about the reverse cycling. Not trying to tell you what to either, I'm all about "what works for you". In my case, I'm a full time pumper, no luck with the nursing at all (not for lack of trying). That usually takes too long to explain though. I just hope that you guys find a way that works for you and lets you get some sleep, but keeps the babe comfy. The same goal you have, I'm sure!

Shay said...

My son is 21 months and will nurse that often when feeling crummy.