Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My wife knows me well...

Last night, I woke up with The Boy at 3AM, put him back to sleep at around 3:20, and never fell back asleep. So, I lived the school half-day with about 2.5 hours' sleep - not a particularly unusual circumstance for new parents. It sucked to be up that late, but I put an hour's time on "God of War II," so it was worth it.

(I love my "Sony" credit card. We get points for every purchase with the card... I traded in a bunch of points and got that game for free. Life is good, sometimes.)

I got home in the afternoon, ate lunch with my family and played for a while. The Boy started yawning and rubbing his eyes, which delighted me - NAPTIME! He's my nap buddy, after all. The three of us lay down, and only one of us fell asleep.

So, The Boy and I went out of the room and left my wife to nap. We played for a bit, then I put him in his playpen downstairs so that I could mess around on the computer. I went to pick him up, and he ignored me. He was enjoying the toys in the playpen too much. I shrugged and brought the diapers and inserts to the clothesline to hang to dry.

(I'm very proud of this new clothesline area. It's one of the stand-up hanger-things, and the bottom rusted out about three weeks ago. My father helped me find a pipe that fit, and I dug a new hole, poured concrete, set the pipe and re-planted the rack.It's the handiest I've been in a couple of years.)

By the time I was done, he was ready to go upstairs. We played "keep the baby away from the fan" for a little while, then he wanted to sleep. I brought him inside, and we accidentally woke my wife a little bit. I laid the baby down next to her, waited until he fell asleep, then went back inside to watch tv. Sleep was not coming, even if I was tired. She came out a few minutes later and told me to go sit with the baby - the room was air conditioned and I was overheating, plus he wasn't wedged in with pillows.

I fell asleep about ten minutes later.

She takes such good care of me.

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