Friday, July 11, 2008

New Source of (Non-Kosher) Protein...

This must come from my wife's side of the family:

This morning, The Boy was hanging out in our bedroom while I was sorting laundry. I saw him making chewing motions, which could have been him trying to "talk" to me; but, it wasn't. I ran over and stuck my finger in his mouth to root out what it was, and... well, yuck.

It was a ladybug.

Doesn't he know that they're not kosher?

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Sarah R said...

I have a gross one for you. We were visiting with family at my grandparents' house about a month ago. Andrew was chewing on something and he would not let me see what it was. I had to dig my finger in there and I couldn't get whatever it was out. My mom helped me get it and it was a USED bandaid. BARF! How disgusting is that? We washed his mouth out good but shame on the little cousin (who knows which one of the wild children) who didn't throw it in the garbage!