Monday, July 7, 2008

Role Reversal

This morning, I got up and left for work, and my wife stayed home and took care of the baby and the house. It was a pleasant surprise to come home from teaching to find the house clean and a hot lunch prepared for me. I know that I'm not a male chauvinist, considering our normal role reversal this year; but, it was nice to come home to a hot meal and a pleasant family. That's what it'll be like in the fall, as I'll be home from marching band rehearsals around 6:30 or 7.

Thanks to those who have sent me nice notes and e-mails and facebook messages and such over the past weeks. It really helps us, to even read a quick, one or two line e-mail saying hello or somesuch.

Teaching today was quite surreal. It's easy to throw my attention into something like teaching, because 1) I enjoy teaching an awful lot, and 2) the kids at the summer arts program are really cool kids. But, it was an odd feeling. Nothing felt quite real enough for me... I was a little light-headed all day and kind of floated from activity to activity. I know that much of that is due to the fact that the future is so uncertain in regards to The Boy; day-to-day, things are odd and going to get odd-er. I'll get over it and get back into the swing of things; it's just going to take time. I feel a little ...?guilt?... for leaving the baby at home, but he's in the exceptional hands of my wife.

Argh. I wish it was 24 weeks from now.

And, just think - the hospital bills haven't come in yet.

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the mol said...

I think I know a little something about babies, at least now...

I think he likes being home with me, at least so far. It should be interesting, though, when I go on Wednesdays to teach. I'll be home in time for bed, though.