Friday, July 11, 2008

That, also, was not on my list of "fun nights."

We watched the BHS Quartet Contest last night on webcast, which was fun. Congratulations to OC Times, who won the Gold Medal; they're a fun quartet of nice guys who have a lot of talent and personality. The Boy fell asleep on my wife's lap at around 9:00 and was placed in his crib soon after.

We got a LOT better, yesterday, at changing him in his crib / our bed / wherever without waking him. So, we changed him at 9, changed him at 11, changed him at 1 without waking him. I fell asleep around 12:30.

I woke at 3AM to change him and did a miserable job - because he WOKE up. And, he was up until almost 4:30 (when my wife's turn to change him was at 5). Miserable. I was exhausted enough to be near-delirious, and she was nice enough to take my 7AM changing and let me sleep an extra hour and a half (almost). I have an interview at 10AM, which will solidify my job for the fall, so I need to be reasonably conscious.

That was just not fun. This every-two-hour thing, while necessary and understandable, is not fun. I hearken back to blog posts made in October of last year, when the schedule of "every two to three hours, 24 hours a day" was really getting to me.

At least I was smart enough to bring him to our bed at 4 o'clock instead of wrestling with him for the crib. I don't think that I could have handled that.

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