Thursday, July 17, 2008

That sucked less than last week...

So, the nurse figured that they had such a problem finding the mediport securely because of the way that The Boy was sitting on my lap, so they asked us to lay him down flat on his back for the administration of the vincristine. And, sure enough, she was right: insert needle, take two things of blood, one flush syringe, insert vincristine, insert one more flush, then the heparin, and he was done. No muss, no fuss, only a little bit of "get off of me" crying.

Babies do SO love being held down.

That was it. The only reason why we were there for even an hour is because we waited a half hour for the shuttle driver to come back from dropping a family off in Elizabeth. Easy peezy, simple as pie. Thank G-d.

Don't get me wrong - the drug still sucks. But, it's a LOT better than last time.

Next week - the doxorubicin. Nasty stuff.

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