Friday, July 4, 2008

This is not going to be fun in December...

Right now, it's 5:30AM. The Boy and I have been awake for a half-hour; I woke at 5AM (first time the alarm on my alarm clock has gone off in a LONG time) to change him. The doctor's instructions were to change him every two hours for 48 hours after each chemo treatment. My wife and I changed him through 11PM; my mother-in-law took the 1AM shift, my wife the 3AM shift and here we are. The doctor did say that we'd only have to wake up through the night during the first night. The second night we don't have to specifically wake him up, but we'll change him when he wakes. Before, we'd double-stuff the diaper and not change him from 9PM until about 6AM. Not anymore.

This won't be an issue while my in-laws are here, because they're really, truly wonderful when it comes to stuff like this. Having my mother-in-law take one of the shifts REALLY makes a big difference. I know that both of us were really exhausted and collapsed after the 11PM feeding, and having to wake every two hours is a difficult concept. If you've never tried it, then try it for one night. Set your alarm to wake every two hours, then walk out of the bedroom and get a drink of water. Count to 30, then go back to bed. The first time isn't too bad; after 3AM, it gets difficult.

Still, only 24 more times (I think) until we don't have to do this anymore. We can get through that.

Entertainingly enough, he's crawling around the floor with a toy in his mouth. We've definitely got a puppy instead of a baby...

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