Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today, another good day.

I know that things are going to get more difficult as time goes on - I know that chemo is a cumulative thing, and that there are going to be bad days as time goes on. I know that this weekend is going to be more difficult than the previous couple of weeks because of the doxorubicin; it's a 15-minute intravenous drug (he can play and stuff while he's on the IV, but it'll be in for 15 minutes or so) that will, apparently, turn his pee red, pink, orange or some combination.

But, today was a particularly good day. From the moment that he woke up and continuing through now, he's been in a brilliant mood all day! He's been happy, smiling and fun all day today! I mean, he's been REALLY, REALLY smiley and fun - I don't think I've ever heard him giggle as much as he did this morning, and I've never seen him smile so much.

Not that today was a particularly interesting day. We played from 7AM (when he got up) until the two of us lay down for a nap from 10:15 to 12:30 this morning, then we hung out with my father while we watched the ballgame. He was playing, and cruising along the furniture, and crawling around, and trying to grab different electronic toys! It was extremely cute and fun.

Later, he napped again from 4:30 to 6:30, which means it'll be interesting to see when he'll actually go to bed.

Another side effect of the medication, apparently, is a slight change to his taste buds. The doctor told us that he would start to strongly prefer salty and/or spicy foods to his normal diet. Yesterday at the Red Robin for dinner, he ate a lot of spicy chicken from my wife's plate; he also had his first french fry. This morning, he was not enthusiastic about his eggs until he had the "family spice" - onion salt. Weird, but not that strange.

He did just eat a hot pepper a minute ago and is really unhappy about it. What is it about babies that makes them so cute, even when they're crying?


Jennifer said...

Hi. I "met" Molly on Webmd and I'm a music teacher also (K-5). I've been reading your blog.

I'm absolutely no expert, but we had been having problems getting Abby (9 mos) to sleep in her bed and she used to be fine. She would wake up after 40min - 1hr after laying her down asleep and she was unhappy. I think that it was because she went to sleep with me right there and woke up and I was gone.

Somehow this past week we've been able to get her to sleep. After a frustrating 3 hrs of sitting next to her and trying, unsuccessfully, to sneak out I gave up and left her to shower and get ready to let her sleep in our bed again. We hate the CIO, but DH insisted on trying. I didn't want anything to do with it because I know if I go in there to soothe her she'll get more upset, so he went in every 3 min. and it only took about 10-15 min (which I can do). The next night she cried when I laid her down, but I left the room and she calmed down with DH. She would get very upset if I went in! Last night was night #6 and she finally let me lay her down without crying. Of course DH was in there with me.

I swear we had tried this before and she just worked herself up to a scream/upset cry and I couldn't handle it. In the past she has cried for 2hrs while DH sat in the room with her trying to get her to sleep (I was at our all county concert).

I don't know why it is working now. Maybe it's because we don't sit in there. I guess she'd be mad that we were sitting right there. Maybe she knows that Daddy wasn't going to pick her up. I'm leaning towards the "she was more ready" and a little "daddy won't pick her."

Of course if she was going through what David is going through then I don't think I'd push it. I miss the cuddling with her to sleep, but grateful that she's is and CAN put herself to sleep. I just thought I'd share my experience, but do what's best for David and your family.

Jennifer said...

I guess I should have just emailed you rather than take up all your space. :)

Musical Daddy said...

That's a relief to hear - it's tough to figure out what is a normal milestone / baby issue, and what is a side effect of the medication. I find myself questioning (all the time) which is which is which is which. Thanks for the story - I definitely appreciate it!

And, it's NEVER taking up space - that's the wonderful thing about services like blogspot. I love hearing other people's stories, especially people who are going through similar issues like I am. Baby sleeping issues are hard on everyone, aren't they?