Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday morning: D-Day?

Funny story: yesterday, The Wife gave The Boy some naked time. He was developing a little bit of a diaper rash, as baby butts tend to do. He sat in his crib and played for a little while, then suddenly stood up, grabbed on and peed through the bars of the crib onto the floor. Good thing the airbed was on the other side of the room! Update: I was just informed that he did it again. I'm glad he's got the whole standing-while-peeing thing down. One less thing to teach.

Yesterday, he got the needle in his mediport changed. This was not a difficult process: he was laid on his back, the old one (with gauze pads, which our oncology nurse told us was a no-no) was removed and a numbing cream was put on the area. An hour later, the new needle was stuck in. We had to wear surgical masks to get it on, because that's an area where infection would be BAD. We need to get used to the whole masks and gloves thing; when we change his diapers for a day after the chemo treatments, the chemicals are in his urine and fecal matter. That stuff can be REALLY bad for non-cancer people.

Today, the nurse will come back and discuss with us how we handle him around the chemo treatments - safety, health and sanitization. We'll record it on Garage Band and put it on-line for people to listen. I'll also use my cel phone to record it - it's got a great voice recorder, which I've previously used to record the A&R sessions at the barbershop contest.

My friends from the BAC sent a Vermont Teddy Bear. It's very, very cute. It's also been really nice to see my friends and ministers from St. Peter's Church; the fact that that community has adopted us so quickly since I've begun work there is heartening and gladening. I've never really felt part of a Christian community before; I never was close with the Catholic community I grew up with, and I grew away from the church for a long time after events in my life. I know I'm raising my son Jewish, and I truly enjoy my wife's temple community; but, I'm obviously more comfortable in the faith that I was born. Our rabbi has also come by a couple of times, which is cool. He's a neat guy, and rabbis are interesting folks. They're equal parts priest, teacher, minister and debater.

Our oncologist came in and told us that the Big Guy Oncologist (who's a lady in Chicago) has our son's tumor information. We're merely awaiting word from her, and we'll get the treatment information and things. Early indications are good and indicate a six-month treatment schedule. But, we'll find out more, hopefully today.


I'm really scared for the poor little guy; I don't want him to suffer.

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nancy said...

I just wanted to let you know The Boy is in my thoughts. I was on the ttc boards with Molly and just heard about this, so coming over to lend me ear and to add in prayers for his total recovery too.