Friday, July 25, 2008

When the workload is divided between four people...

...the nights become a lot easier. Funny about that, isn't it? When the duties are split up, life becomes easier. My mother-in-law took the 1:30, my wife took the 3:30, my father-in-law rocked him back to sleep from 4:30 to 5:30, I took the 5:30 change. And, life is good.

Now? He's crawling around the living room, getting into everything, just like he's supposed to be doing. Today, I'm going to take him with me to work, because having a baby with me (when talking about the possibilities of schedule vagueries due to cancer treatments) makes things that much better. When they can put an incredibly cute face to the name, things get smoother.

Whew. The tough part - the first night - is down.


Jennifer said...

You guys are doing great! It looks like a hard road to travel, but you guys are getting though it. They will be days of the past before you know it.

I gave you that whole long story about Abby and her sleeping better and a couple nights later she had a horrible night! Two nights ago she went right to bed like she's been doing, but she was tossing and turning and fussing on and off the whole time. Finally at around 11pm she decided she was done sleeping and would not settle back down until after 3am. She wouldn't even go to sleep in our bed. She just kept getting up crawling to snuggle with me then her Daddy...back and forth for hours. We figure something had to be wrong (teething, belly ache, something), but we still don't know what it was.

Sometimes I wish they could talk! We'll never know why they will or won't sleep in their own bed and what their reasoning is.

Musical Daddy said...

That's the frustrating thing - no matter how well we think we know our babies (and, let's be honest - at this point in their lives, we know them better than they know themselves, by a longshot), there's SO MUCH going on that there's no way we'll ever know everything. We know when they're tired, fussy, teething, need snuggles, need to be let go to play, need to get in trouble, etc... but, the "why's" behind it are difficult.