Friday, August 1, 2008

...and we're back!

My blog was flagged as a "spam" blog, because the links that I put in made the automated checkers seem like a junk mail blog. So, I wasn't able to post all day today. Not that anything major has happened, but it was still awfully annoying.

Tonight, we received a very welcome surprise - the guy that owns the local Jewish store (Judaica Central) stopped by with a fresh, home-cooked Shabbat dinner for us. How cool! We weren't expecting it, and it was an extremely welcome occurrence. We had just come back from eating Mexican food, so we're looking forward to eating that tomorrow night.

OK. The Yankees just blew yet another game against the Angels (0-2 against them so far this year, with 8 more games. I'm predicting a 2-8 record in these 10 games, which will probably be enough to knock them out of the playoff race for the year) in the 9th inning, I've had a good workout and The Boy is asleep. I've got to stop procrastinating and do some housework.

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