Friday, August 8, 2008

Diaper Hell...not badly done, this time.

Last night was not the worst night we've had. Thank G-d for that.

Let's see. I changed The Boy at midnight, and I managed not to wake him up. My wife nursed him at 2 and changed him - well, reverse that order. He woke in the middle of the changing, so she nursed him until he fell asleep. At 4, he was awake already - as a matter of fact, my wife kicked me at 3:57 (alarm was supposed to go off at 4:00). I changed him and brought him to bed with us. At 6, she changed him and managed to get all of us back to sleep, and I changed him at 8 o'clock. They stayed asleep for a half-hour longer, then all were awake.

The rest of the day was unremarkable. My wife went to a meeting of a Mommy's Group that she's been a part of, thanks to the chat boards. I had a meeting with a guy from Ameriprise Financial, who's going to help us get our stuff together, financially. (...and we still haven't received our hospital bills...) The Boy was awake for the first half hour of the meeting, playing in the playpen for a bit, then getting trouble in the music room for a bit. He fell asleep in my arms, and I put him in his crib for the last hour of the meeting. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, playing, eating dinner, then getting him ready to go to temple with my wife.

I'll go next week. I'm not a big fan of the Jewish services, because they're long. The normal service is about 90 minutes long; the normal Christian service is about, oh, 50 minutes long. That's a BIG 40 minutes. But, since I wrote an $830 check for temple dues today, SOMEBODY's going to go to temple this week.

Today starts my vacation. I'll probably do some schoolwork next week - math school work, because I want to finish this pedagogy class and the objective test before the start of marching season and the school year. I've got "two weeks" left in the class - meaning, two assignments and a heap of reading to do. (Who'da thunk that I'd actually take around 8 weeks to finish this class - odd, considering that I've taken, like, 2.5 "class weeks" per real week since I started this in November. Still, I should be on track to finish the degree in the next 6-month cycle, unless I get caught in another unanticipated emergency.) But, over the next week, I become really selfish. I'm not doing business, I'm not going to school (except for a meeting with my new principal on Wednesday), I'm not teaching lessons, I'm not talking band in any way, shape or form. I'm just going to: 1) play with my baby, 2) play with my other baby (the bigger one, that I married), 3) play with my Playstation, 4) catch up on my reading, and 5) play with my babies. We might go down to the shore for a bit. Tuesday night, my chorus is singing the national anthem at a Somerset Patriots baseball game. That's it.

Meh. My biggest fear is that Saturdays have seemed to be worse days for The Boy than Fridays. I hope this week bucks that trend.

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the mol said...

Small correction--this mommies group is a Yahoo group that I found, just made up of a few moms from our general area.

I have yet to meet anyone from the WebMD parenting boards although I'd certainly like to!