Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He's an amazing young man!

On a daily and hourly basis, I am amazed at the things that The Boy does. He is developing at lightspeed and changing before our eyes! It's one of the wonderful, rewarding things about being a parent, as most of my readers will understand.

Today, The Boy crawled into the bedroom and stood up at my wife's dresser. She has a tendency to occasionally leave drawers a little bit open; in this particular case, she had some socks sticking out of the drawer, preventing it from closing. He pulled the drawer open, pulled those socks out and threw them on the floor, and promptly closed the drawer on his fingers. I wonder if he knew that removing those particular socks would get the drawer to move?

Probably not. At this point, The Boy seems to be a completely normal 12-month old. (Well, 12 months next Saturday - the 30th - but close enough.) Mentally, he's normal. Gross physical skills, he's normal. (He's not like Hepcat's kid, who started walking when she was, like, 3 weeks old. Or ten months. Whatever.) His fine motor control is extraordinary - maybe the result of the baby-led weaning? Runs in my side of the family, anyway.

He discovered the wonder of the toilet paper roll over the past week. It doesn't work so well when the roll is full, because we like those big, fluffy rolls of T.P. But, when the roll is down some, it spins for him quite satisfactorily. The Wife told me that he figured out how to flush the toilet, but he hasn't done it for me yet.

We finally moved in our new lounge chair, and it's awesome. It's really, really comfortable so far. We found our old TiVo remote, that we lost about two months ago. It was in the box springs of the chair. The chair's out by the curb. Someone will get it.

The lawn needs to be cut, but The Boy's pool is set up. I'll do it tomorrow.

Hasn't been a good week. Gonna be a tough couple of weeks.

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