Sunday, August 31, 2008

He's an old man, now...

So, The Wife & The Boy were in the bedroom, giving him some relaxed Crazy Baby time, when I hear, "Oh, my God! Musical Daddy! He called Band Momma!" He had hit a sequence of buttons on my cel phone (don't ask how he got it - I don't remember leaving it anywhere) and called the mother of two of my students. They had started singing him Happy Birthday when he hung up on them... "The most entertaining call I've gotten in quite a while," Band Momma said when I called her back to apologize.

Silly baby. You can't talk on a cel phone until you can talk, period!

Had a very nice day today. The Boy slept in until around 8, and we played for a while surrounding breakfast. Grandpa took him for a walk, and I laid down for an hour. The Wife handed The Boy to me while she was putting lunch out on the table - sandwiches and bagels from yesterday. By the time she got back (less than two minutes later), the two of us were asleep and stayed that way for a little over two hours. I couldn't help it - he crawled over to me, put his head on my belly and his thumb in his mouth, and fell asleep. I couldn't move - don't wake sleeping babies, you know - and thus fell asleep. The deal was sealed about twenty minutes later when he rolled upwards and snuggled into my chest.

LOVEloveLOVE the smell of baby & baby hair. Nothing like it in the world. It's the most relaxing, intoxicating scent that I've ever smelled, this side of my wife. Smell is such a powerful scent, and a person's smell - not body odor, mind, but their natural smell: soaps, shampoos, skin, breath - is a powerful thing, particularly when it's someone you love.

We went up to Uncle P's for a swim and a meal. It was a last-minute party-type gathering, and something Uncle P had said really stuck to me: "If I had known that I wouldn't see you guys until after the surgery, I would have given him a bigger goodbye kiss." I'm lucky that my brother loves my son as much as he does!

Ah. One more lesson plan to do for my math class, then I can focus exclusively on my music stuff for the next couple of weeks - surgery notwithstanding. That'll take me until midnight, or so. Time to stop procrastinating and spending money - just bought an Oscar Peterson album for $2 on Amazon and a Mark Knopfelr album for $8 - and get to work.

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Mama Gibby said...

The Boy is welcome to call Band Momma any time he wishes. It certainly was the highlight of my day! :)