Saturday, August 2, 2008

Naked time!

The oncologist at the Valerie Fund Center this week was not our normal oncologist, but the head of pediatric oncology for St. Barnabas & Newark Beth Israel hospitals (the two hospitals are networked together & share doctors in this particular area). He is an Indian man, and one of the things he suggested was to take a page from the East Asians - give the baby more naked time. (If it wasn't for those carpets.... he said!) Basically, the chemo drugs make him more susceptible to fungal infections, such as thrush or a yeast diaper rash. While we can treat those things with medication, the best way to treat them is to prevent them entirely.

This is one of the reasons why we change his diapers so often in the two days following treatment. The doctor mentioned that one of the best ways to prevent these things is to expose his junk to air, otherwise known as NAKED TIME!!!

Now, we don't want much naked time during the immediate hours following chemotherapy, because his bodily excretions are toxic as he works the chemicals through his system. So, this morning was the first naked time that he really got since chemo on Thursday, and he absolutely took advantage of it.

First, he peed in the potty for Mommy. Isn't that great? Smart boy... then, she took him off the potty and cleaned it out, only to have him pee on the floor. Okay. He crawled into the kitchen and was playing in the doorway while I read about yesterday's heartbreaking Yankees loss, and he was "talking" to me. I looked over and thought, "Wow. That looks like his pooping face."

It was.

So, he got an emergency bath. This time, I was smart enough to take the baby to the tub myself, which left my wife cleaning the poo off of the floor. (Bleach, anyone? It's not just an anime.) I kind of congratulate myself on that, except that I realize that she'll kill me when she reads this. Cie la vie. He got cleaned off and replaced on the floor.

Five minutes later, he peed on the floor again, and naked time was officially over.

Granted, at that point, there was no way that he had any fluids left in his system. But, we needed to leave for our usual Saturday - walk to the diner, then to the farmer's market - and he did need clothes for that. Naked babies are certainly cute, but not cute enough for public consumption.

Then, when we put sunblock on him, some got in his eye, and he's still ticked off about that. More on that later - maybe.

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