Monday, August 11, 2008

Okay, we're dorks...

...but, I understand that. I came to grips with my inner dork long ago. It no longer bothers me in the slightest. What's new this time? Not that much; simply that I bought matching "Seaside Heights" sweatshirts for the three of us. It took a long time to find - like, the tenth store that we searched. But, it's worth it. We have a picture, but no cord to plug into the computer today. Pics will follow tomorrow here and on my Facebook.

The day went as planned. We rested, then walked for lunch on boardwalk. We came back to the hotel and swam in the pool for a little bit, then went to the beach for about 20 minutes - long enough for each of us (no baby) to swim in the ocean while the other kept The Boy from freaking out. (Stupid sand. I hate it so much.) The Boy and I napped while my wife messed around on the computer. It was my favorite sort of nap - he was fussy fussy fussy, and I snuggled him until he stopped thrashing about. He stuck his thumb in his mouth, I took my glasses off and lay my head next to his, close enough so he could grab it with his thumb-sucking hand. It took him a total of about 15 seconds to then fall asleep. I followed suit about 30 seconds later.

Dinner was a nice, long three hour trip out. We walked up and down Ocean Ave. and Boulevard until we finally just decided to eat at a boardwalk place. Then we had custard - The Wife had vanilla, I had vanilla & orange swirled. The Boy had none, except for a little fingertip taste from me. He was indifferent. We bought the aforementioned sweatshirts, and I won a "Nemo" doll from a ping pong ball toss thing. (That would be my years of Beer Pong training, finally aiding my family in a positive manner.)

Now, we're back at the hotel, and I'm watching ESPN Gamecast online. "Snacks" Ponson is pitching for the Yankees, and they're losing 2-0 to the Twinkies. Sigh. Craptacular baseball season. This is just a bad team.

Check out time is 10 o'clock tomorrow. We'll probably pack up the car, hit the beach for 45 minutes after breakfast, then hit the road. See y'all soon!

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