Friday, August 29, 2008


The Boy's birthday party is a scant 16 hours away. The house is cleaned (still needs to be vaccuumed / Swiffered, and the bathrooms still need a wipedown, but...), we've got most of the food and drink and the only things remaining on the floor are The Boy's toys. We've got a birthday cake from the local kosher bakery, lots of bagels, lox & cream cheese & other similar cold foods, lots of juice and soda. My prediction is that nobody will disturb the layer of dust on the alcohol on the bar, although - one never knows.

My brother & his family are coming from North Jersey - so's my father. My brother-in-law and my sister-in-law are coming from Maryland. My wife's parents are here - mom-in-law since last weekend, dad-in-law since today. The Guidance Counselors are coming with their young girl, and Band Guy is coming with his baby boy. Small, intimate crowd of wonderful people. I don't really NEED to have a spotless house... particularly considering that, like, my kid's got cancer and we've been dealing with chemo & surgery issues... but I know that my father keeps score.

The Italian Festival is down the block this weekend. We went last year - it was The Wife's first trip out of the house after she got home from delivering the baby. It was a fine little outing - we walked around the place two or three times, then walked back home. Neither one of us was in the mood for fried food, and we didn't know anyone in town. Not that we know anyone this year - except for a few friends that we've made at the park and such. My assumption is that, since I'm teaching in the next town over, we'll have more friends there next year; also, as The Boy grows up, he'll have lots of friends there. We're probably going to go tomorrow night, after the party, or Sunday night. Not Monday night, likely - that's a school night, you know? And, next week is going to be nucking futs, with the surgery and the travelling to Philadelphia and all.

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Sarah R said...

Happy Birthday to the Boy! Have a great party tomorrow, little one. :) Take lots of pics, Daddy!