Friday, August 29, 2008

Sailing to Philadelphia...

Mark Knopfler is a seriously under-rated songwriter. Since he left Dire Straits, he's let out three or four amazing albums. Interestingly enough, he's been playing with some of the guys he played with in the old group - he just changed the style of play. They're amazing songs, all told - I can't say enough good things about them. The second album is called "Sailing To Philadelphia," which is a wonderful song.

The latest news is that The Boy will be headed to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for his surgery. Apparently, the surgeon there is the local expert and has a load of experience doing partial nephrectomies (kidney removals) while doing the least intervention damage possible. This means that this guy is the best chance to keep the most kidney possible.

We're really happy that things are going like this. I'm happy that the best surgeon for the job is going to be operating on him. I'm happy that the last of the tumor is going to be removed from his body, so that the chemo will be working on prevention instead of treatment. This is all good stuff.

He'll be checked in to the hospital on Wednesday for testing and examination, and the surgery will happen on Thursday morning. We hope he'll be home on Sunday, but who knows? The last time, he had the huge tumor removed on Thursday and left the PICU on Sunday and was home on Thursday. I'm hoping that he'll be home earlier, considering the start of the school year.

It's a difficult time. I know that everyone has been so supportive of us, in regards to taking the time from work that I need. It's just that it's the start of a school year, in a new job, in a position of immense responsibility to the marching band. I know that none of it is important in relation to my son. I know that work takes a far less important thing that helping my baby heal. It's just... well... you know. I'm not programmed to put the work aside.

It's also really, really scary to be going to a new hospital. I know that CHoP is a great hospital, and they have family sleep rooms, and the Ronald McDonald House has places for us to stay as well. But, it's a new place that we're really unfamiliar with. Plus, it doesn't have the wonderful ability for us to go home to take a shower or make phone calls or just, simply, sleep in our own bed. (Or wash diapers, but I assume that there's a laundromat reasonably close by.) Being two hours from home makes things difficult.

Sigh. So much for my easy commute to school. It gets replaced by an easy commute to Philadelphia.

Chemo will resume at St. Barnabas, once he returns home. Best guesstimate is a week from Thursday will be week 9.

Thank G-d that my in-laws are here and that my father is in state. I can't imagine what it would be like to do this without them.

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